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TCAdmin running DayZ


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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone can assist.


I have a BareMetal unit with OVHCloud, I just got TCAdmin the other day.  I went through the full process of setting up, the process of setting all the config's for DayZ (This is being used just to host my own servers, I thought it would be easier than OmegaManager).  When I go through and set up a server, vanilla is perfectly fine and 2-3 mods are fine, as soon as I load up a map (making sure the MPMission file is correctly located, it's in the config file as loading up the correct mission folder).  The game boots, runs for about 30 seconds, CPU usage drops to 0, then the server version closes, about 20 seconds later it opens again, goes through the whole process again, then closes. 


I am completely stumped what is causing it, I have tried FTP'ing all the files to the BareMetal into the folder created, moving the keys into the folder.  Still does the same thing (I have confirmed these files boot on my own PC before pushing them over).

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Blank installations of games and config's aren't guaranteed to work, they're a starting reference. There's "Settings" for each game, and how you run your servers(YEs, thy can be done multiple different ways, everything from not using Battleye, to placement of configs, and commandline options....MOD installations, there's too many varying factors to be able to know why your server isn't starting correctly. RPT, commandline, share some more information at the very least, as anyone trying to actually help will need info on your server's configuration


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