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KF2 Steam Workshop maps


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I'm having trouble getting a fresh KF2 server to download workshop maps (Windows Server 2012 R2). I've edited both the Engine and Game INI files to handle them.

I was hosting KF2 servers a few months ago on Ubuntu with no issues. Wondering if this is related to Windows or just an issue with KF2.

I've tried a few methods that others have had success with but nothing has worked.


This happens for any items I list in the Engine.ini

[0043.74] Warning: Warning, Workshop: Unable to download workshop item 1270120351
[0043.74] NetComeGo: Checking item 1273389442 for updates.
[0043.74] NetComeGo: Item state is 8.
[0043.74] NetComeGo: Downloading item 1273389442.
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I was able to fix the issue myself.

For server owners trying to get workshop to function:


Take these files from your steam install:









And replace existing files in the server root and in Binaries/Win64.

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