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Minecraft Query Port Issues OVH


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Hi folks, Happy New Year.


Has anyone had any issues with create Minecraft on OVH with Tcadmin?

I have made a couple and players can join them but the query ports are not showing.

The firewall seems fine as TCA creates these on server creation, I have double checked them and seem fine.

I also have a rust server running on this machine and everything is fine.

This is a dedicated box not a VPS.

Also it is running Windows 2019 Server edition.


Any thoughts?



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I have ovh as my provider, aslong as you open the ports needed through the game firewall and since tcadmin opens them automatically through windows you should be good unless your config is just jacked then you might need some help. "I never needed to touch server.properties file but could be needed for a different setup"

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On 1/3/2023 at 10:44 AM, Dennis said:

What issues are you having with the query port?
Have you enabled query in the server.properties file?

The port is open in the firewall and enabled but that port is not reachable when the server is running.

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