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About Euro truck simulator 2, error.


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Get this error, i know, you need to upload "server_packages.ini" & "server_packages.dat" into the server, but still telling me error.

export_server_packages, have upload to the server customer\bin\win_x64

*** ERROR *** : [MP] Error: Server packages file not found. This is required to load proper map, DLCs and mods.
*** ERROR *** : [MP] Error: Use "export_server_packages" command in game to export server game settings.
*** ERROR *** : [MP] Error: See server_readme.txt.
*** ERROR *** : [MP] Error: Server was teminated.

Got this, please help.

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1 minute ago, jungleNZ said:

Here is my config: Have a look over.

It creates folder for data - this is where you put the export packages.


When running all you do is stop server. use file manager and goto 'euro truck simulator 2' folder and upload the 2 files. start and away you go.


ets2 - Windows.xml 108.05 kB · 1 download

Create folder /saves?

Thank you, i will try this..

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