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Changing price and date of invoice in WHMCS causes recurring subscription issues with PayPal


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I've noticed that when a customer has a recurring subscription through WHMCS and PayPal, and when I change the price and date of invoice in WHMCS, the price and invoice date don't change in PayPal. I know I can manually change the price in PayPal for a customer, but changing the invoice date seems impossible through the PayPal API without cancelling the subscription and have the customer manually pay the invoice to re-subscribe.

This is not a common issue since i don't have many customers in this specific case, but I can imagine it being an annoyance in the future, especially if i am to change the price for a product with many customers. What solutions are you using in situations like this? Have you disabled PayPal as a payment method entirely, or is there another method to handle this process automatically in PayPal? Are you using an alternative payment methods like Skrill or Stripe to capture credit cards instead?

I am curious about what others have done to resolve the annoyance.


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