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Clear Garry's Mod Workshop Cache


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TCAdmin Clear Garry's Mod Steam Workshop Cache
A script to delete the steam workshop cache folders for Garry's Mod in TCAdmin.

Linux Only.


  1. Navigate to your Garry's Mod (Windows) game template.
  2. Custom Scripts
  3. Create a new script:

    Operating System: Linux
    Script Engine: Bash file/shell script
    Event: Custom icon
    Interval Limit: 1
    Stop service before executing: Yes
    Name: Delete Steam Cache
    Icon URL: https://files.hexane.co/hyro/2304/500489a52d.png
    Execute as the service's user: Yes
    Description: Delete Steam (Workshop) Cache
    Ignore execution errors: Yes
    Sub admin access: Yes
    Reseller access: Yes
    User access: Yes
    Server owner access: Yes

    Paste the contents of tcadmin-clear_gmod_workshop_cache.sh into the code area.
  4. Save the script.
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