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Question About Configuration Editor


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I am making a config that rotates 10 different races between a selection of about 100 tracks and 50+ cars to choose from. I am sure this probably still can't be done but it would be awful nice to duplicate a combo box. Yeah I can use a text box but would rather select from combo box for the sake of speed the problem is I would have to enter all those tracks and cars to get the full use out of it for all 10 events. If anyone knows any sort of way around all that I am all eyes. If the items could be exported and then imported into a new action that uses the same items it would save me about 10,000 hours lol (not like I am gonna do all that anyway) being able to export and then import items back into actions that use the same data sure would be wonderful

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On 6/23/2023 at 11:56 PM, jungleNZ said:

What game?


Automobilista 2 would just be nice to export all the items in a list then import them back into say race 1 track and car. Import them into race 2 track and car. I know I can use a text box but would be nice to just drop down select and keep it moving. 

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You could setup the configuration editor part, that allows you to select things, then on save would overwrite the config settings file.

Just takes a bit of time to set variable and then put them into order in configuration editor.


the other way would be Emperor Server Manager (config can be setup like I have for Assetto Corsa - runs using tcadmin but main function use the manager)

That program allows for easy car, track uploading as well as easy use for races etc....

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I did see that Emperor Server Manager I had not seen anyone talking about it so I didn't know if it was good or not I just run a private server with pickup races just wanted to make something easy to select races do you have any experience with emporer? Just wondering if it was a decent deal I mean its fairly cheap but would still like to know how it works

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