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2 P4 3Ghz vs 1 Core2Duo E6600


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Well we have 2 old P4 Prescott 3Ghz socket 478 with 2Gb DDR but those need an upgrade very soon.

So I was looking for a Dual Xeon or Core2Duo, I can get the following system for the same price as those 2 P4's:


Intel Core2Duo 2.40Ghz E6600

4092Mb DDR2 RAM

160Gb 7.200Rpm HDD


I have a few questions about this:


1. Can the E6600 replace 2 P4's, so being able to host twice as much gameservers as a single P4?


2. If 2 16 slots CSS server takes 20% cpu on the P4 does it take 10% on the Core2Duo then (since it's 2 dual cores so should devide it) or is it more going to the 20% cpu on the Core2Duo?


All support or ideas are more then welcome, I don't have experience with the Core2Duo at all only readed alot about it.

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Arnt the P4 just hyperthreading? ie not true dual core? The Core2Due (we use the exact model said above) and they are one powerful bit of kit with power usage (amp wise) a near nothing. I would put my head out and say yes that CPU would host double but just like we did find, the page file will be the bottle neck before the CPU so I would put in 2 hard drives.


1 for the game servers and OS

1 for Page File only.


Then that E6600 will be one powerful mofo :)

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What will be more important for you regarding this machine?

Quality or quantity?


If it is quality then get some fast DDR2(PC6400), 2GB will be enough.

With the money you save get a WD Raptor 74GB 10K rpm.

In this way the components will be more in balance > no bottleneck.


4GB of ram you'll only need on this system if you plan to oversell/overbook a lot.


Even better and not even very expensive:

Get all server graded components: Xeon 3060, mainbord with an Intel 3000 chipset, WD Raptor 74GB 10K rpm, A-brand PSU with at least 400Watts.

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