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Setup, Server Specs, Current Popular Game?


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Hi All.


Well as you can see Im new here.


Im planning on purchasing the Owned - Master Server But have a few questions first;


1. How Easy To Setup?


I currently have an XP dedicated server that I just use for odd jobs mainly accessing data I store on there from time to time.


But the server is an average high spec machine that can do so much more and I suppose it can be put to better use.


So I was looking around and I thought how about offer the users of my website the ability to play on my own dedicated servers


Then I also thought why not setup to also sell space on the server / servers for others to host there own.


So I was wondering how easy is TCadmin to setup?


Im not looking to setup and make money here just have a few games running. mainly for fun but would like to test the market around game servers also.


Now to my next question;


2. How Many Games / Clients? Per 1 Server (server: average - high spec)


I was wondering how many games / clients or however it works can be or should be hosted on 1 server?


Im not looking to host millions of games on 1 server but would just like to know how many can be hosted at a stable level.


See Server specs below:


Dual Optron

2Gig Ram

2x 250Gig HDD




3.a. Most Popular / Played Game At The Moment?


Now I dont really play games myself but I was wondering what the current popular / played game is or what the game is that has sustained its popularity over time?


As I will initially be limited to the amount of games I can offer I would like to host the most popular ones.


3.b. Most Popular Mods


Along side the previous question I would like to know what the most popular mods are for the most played / popular games.


As again I would like to offer the best game play as I can.


4. TCAdmin - Templates / Designs


Does anyone here offer TCAdmin Designs / Templates so I can quickly setup a website and also move away from the standard design...


Looking for someone who can do the full lot (design & intergrate design)

As this then saves me time hiring a developer who does not know how TCAdmin works or how the template system works.


Anyone who offers this at a reasonable price please contact me:


PM / Reply

MSN: contemptx@hotmail.com


Thank You for your time and I look forward to your replies.

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First thing is maybe have a look at your licensing agreement for XP because I'm pretty sure (100%) that hosting with XP is a big no no.


1. Hosting both websites and games on the same machine is not recommended due to resource usages for games. TCA it's self is not terribly hard to setup but you will require knowledge of the games you are hosting.


2. Number of game servers per box varies as there are many factors. Mods, tick rates, slots actually used. You'll have to keep an eye on it, it changes all the time.


3a. AND THE WINNER IS.................... CSS LOL. WTF!


3b. I don't play that game but going by support tickets that I've seen throwing knives. lol


4. I believe there's a few templates on these forums you could use for the control panel.

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I would suggest outsourcing the panel to one of the companies here.


FragnServers for example will sell management/monitoring for a server for 35$/month. This includes the control panel (tcadmin) and support, and would require no setup on your part.

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