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CS:Source FPS IN/Out Rates messed up..


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I am seeing an odd error.


Server is: AMD Athalon 64 X2 Dual Core, Dual Processor (4 Cores total)

Windows 2003 OS

Latest TCAdmin



Games on this box:


12man private 100tick CS:Source game

45man Public 33tick CS:Source game

24man Public 33tick DOD:Source game

26man Jedi Academy game


Running the "HiresTimer" service.. For higher FPS rates..


The issue is,


I reboot the server, and the FPS IN & Out rates are "stable" at for example 100 in and 97 out


Let the server sit for a few hours, or "restart" the game with TCAdmin, all of a sudden, a "rcon stats" shows the FPS to be only 75 and my FPS IN & OUT rates are all over the place... 15/25/99/45, etc....


I restart the box (Physically) and the server is fine, FPS Rates with the RCON_STATS command is 545fps... And my IN & Out in game are "stable"


But I know if I leave it sit, or restart the game, it will go to hell..


Any thoughts??



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