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America's Army PB Screenshots


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That does not mean go over and advert your site(s) on a site I run --

Come on now.. If you want AAO help it's one thing.

But don't abuse it, unless you want 100's) peeps posting my adds on your site..

I did not invite you to to post your adds, I invited you to ask questions about aao/pb


(kinda lame that 3 people from here hit my site and post their adverts..)..


Not going to get into a pissing match about this, I'm pretty sure I can piss higher. But if you want my help or advice, next time at least use some vasaline, or have the common decency to give me a reach around..


end of rant...


I just noticed this post... I did not initiate posting my site on your community(AASA) that you are involved in. I do appreciate all of your help here.

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I have tried to set PBSS's up with IIS before and found that TCAdmin will block all port 80's on any IP a game is on. If I set it up on an IP a game isn't on yet no problems. After the game is added it will still work.


This is something that would be nice to have incorporated into TCAdmin if the GSP would like to allow it. Most clans have the PBSS address in the MOTD or scrolling text.

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