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I just beat paypal!!!!


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So on my personal paypal account, a merchant didn't deliver. Paypal just abruptly closed my complaint because it wasn't a shipped good.


Calling up the first girl told me no and wouldnt do anything, so I did a bit more research.


Called back, unloaded polightly on the first guy who answered saying that because I transfed funds electronically I was covered under EFTA (regulation E) and blah blah, and after 5 minutes of presenting my case including the date and results of past lawsuites aginst them, I got up to a supervisor, I went into another 10 minute speal this time (I was on hold for 30 minutes and got more facts supporting me) AND brought all the different paypal accounts under my name :)


Basically, I got my money back FROM paypal!

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I do! I ran around the house screaming I beat paypal I beat paypal I beat paypal hey hey hey hey!


My housemates were not appreciative.


That being said, how many people have had paypal issue a chargeback on a virtual item. Then they told me they couldnt...

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Once a merchant shipped us five APC PDU's many days late - they were purchased based on a promised next-day shipping contingent. We filed a charge back, and some how lost. (Even though the goods were shipped back to the merchant, unopened, proof in writting regarding the shipping promise, and with UPS tracking).


I called up Paypal who went on to explain there was nothing they could do regarding the charge back loss, but would "out of pocket" credit our account $3000, close to the value of the PDUs.


I hate Paypal and their card services department.


I assume if we had a small account they would have turned a blind eye.

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