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Over the last six months, I was and still am overwhelmed at the community support that is provided in the TCAdmin forums.


We do not offer or even promote close to any of the available games as most of you do. Racing simulation is what we are about.


We started this GSP to support the new Sim Racing Simulation that is to be scheduled for release this month, And along the way picked up a few Nascar and Rfactor clients.


These clients are set to move over to Arca Sim Racing when it is finally released as we are the Official Server supplier. But as any of you know that host NR2003 servers...there are cpu usage issues, Most of you have this resolved hence forth being able to offer other services without robbing that server of performance. A couple of these clients that currently have NR2003 have stated that they would like to keep using there nr2003 server..( why is beyond me ) while also running a Arca server.


So there is my issue...we have tried every which way to resolve the cpu issue using TCAdmin. and no way we can. What I am asking is large I am finding out in the GSP, But we are now looking for some direction to resolve this. Either via TCADmin...an asp menu...I am open to anything. If any-one would be able to help us out in this..well what would one say.


Thanks in advance





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