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Memory Issues


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Hello all,


I have a few game servers running of one box. For some reason instead of using RAM it looks like Windows is assigning it to the page file. I have 4GB of memory and it says I have 3.5 available however the pagefile is at 3.1GB!!

Does anyone know of a solution to force the games to use ram instead of the pagefile? (Besides disabling it of course :grin: )

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When you login to your server or look at the system logs do you notice a memory error. Start up a CS:S server on your pc at home at let it run and you will see what I mean.


On windows you can change the system properties.

Control Panel-->System-->Advanced-->Performance Settings-->Advanced

Play around with the Memory Usage option

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You would be surprised. The next time a server crashes if it is a windows server remote desktop to the server and more then likely you will see the memory leak.


Which is probably causing the problem.


If that's the case it's STEAM. But the only options for windows is to either set the memory for programs or system cache. Make sure everything is on the right including processor at background services.

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