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Server install error, please read.


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Hi, I have tcadmin setup on my master server as well as 2 remote servers. We are currently importing all accounts off our old linux servers. Once that is done they will be reconfigured with windows to support running tcadmin.


We have been adding accounts with no problems until today when 2 came up. I fixed both by rebooting the machines but was windering if anyone had any ideas concerning them that might avoid a full system restart.


1. Modernbill que got jacked and would not run API script. Tried restarting wwwservice and tcadmin program but did not fix issue. Ended up restarting machine and it worked fine. Basically when a new account was qued it did not run. When you tried to run it manually from within modernbill it would just sit there at a blank screen.


2. Servers stopped installing. It was creating the accounts but not installing the servers. When tcadmin run in console mode it was hanging on creating directorys (step 2). I restarted every windows file service that I could find but still would hang. Ended up having to restart the system and it cleared the error.


The only thing that I can think that might have caused these issues is that each time the modernbill que had 3 or 4 entries in it waiting to be processed. We have migrated over about 70 users so far before this started happening but we also switched our web signup to the new modernbill/tcadmin setup so online orders were coming in when this happened.


Any ideas or anyone with similar problems please let me know. Like I said its much easier to restart a service then the whole machine as we all know clients get pissy when you have to restart machines even if it only takes a minute for the whole process to complete lol.

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