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You know your question makes no sense?



Anyway, 'wireless' falls into lots of different categories also.

Bluetooth, infrared, 802.11b, 802.11g, GPRS, GPM, (I guess EDGE also but I dont know that all too much).


Most PDAs will come with Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi connection, although you cant get 'broadband' speed unless your next to a Wirelan LAN or something equivalent to a router since a standard GPRS connection is capped at something I THINK (if the review I watched had its facts right), is capped at something like twice the speed of dialup so around 112kbs.





Has quite a bit of information of speeds.



Either way, much like your other posts, all your answers are solved with a google

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Samsung I-730 (verizon) with EVDO. I could load anything in less than 3-4 seconds.


I just bought it from amazon for 379 and 100 dollars per month service. Great phone. How do you save battery life? I tryed turnning it off and the battery still reducing.

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