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How do you bill?


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What ways do you guys prefer billing for GS.


A Game server will consist of:


base price ie 8.00 (this will include X amount of slots that you can choose)


X price per slot. This can either be the same for private and branded.

So for example a private server is 1$ per slot and a public is 3$ per slot


X price for debranding. If you want debranding it adds X to your price


X price for public servers. This means that it will add X for a public server and THEN, implement the diffeerent prices for private and public.


Do you think this is a solid way to do things? I am actually curious how people do things at the moment and/or how they may like to have their pricing structure.


Currently, I do things based on this: (All prices are ficticious)


Base price for a game server, lets say CSS 8.00$ this includes 8 free slots.

DeBranding will add $3

Public servers will add $3

Slots will * X where X is the price per slot and add it to the price.

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Any dont you get problems then? like for instance if you hosted Farcry servers you wouldnt be able to sell based on slot prices because the CPU usage climbs like a mountain with that game, but doesnt start of low. Its already high even for a single slot.

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