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64 bit vs 32 Bit Windows 2003


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I switched all my servers over the 64 bit os's a while back and cpu usage for servers dramatically decreased. I'd just like to know if theres anyone else out there using the 64 bit that noticed and difference.


Im runniing dual opterons in all my machines after doing some testing it seems that the intel dual and quad cores dont perform anywhere in the ballpark as well.


id get 2 servers with dual opterons before id even consider using a quad core on one machine.


I compared a dual opteron 252 setup with 4 gig of ram up again a dual xeon 3.2 with 4 gb of ram.


The opterons ran far superior and with much less cpu usage.


As far as my opionion goes 2 processors is better is much better than a dual core processor.


I'd like to get some feedback on other peoples testing

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