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Hltv :(


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Hey guys! i am trying to install HLTV for one of my clients, but i cant seem to do it! i've added it as an secondary service, did eveything but it tells me : "Sorry, game is delayed. Please try again later."


am i missing somehting in my hltv.cfg?



i see a line but dunno what to put in it.... here it is and please help me out


// set offline info text clients will see as reject reason if HLTV isn't broadcasting yet

offlinetext "Sorry, game is delayed. Please try again later."


thx buds

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I've been troubleshooting a lot with HLTV :)


Is the server, that you want to install HLTV on a private server with a password?


Be sure to enter THAT password in the HLTV cfg!

Otherwise, the HLTV can't connect to the game server and you will get that error message you've mentioned.


That was my solution :)

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