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How to integrate my existing Game Servers into a New install of TCAdmin


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Hi Guys, firstly - thanks for the Great Demo on how to install using MySQL - everything went like a dream followed the step by step and Voila have TCADMIN installed and accessible via the WEB.


Here's my question:


We have ONE DEDICATED Server (rented from a Server Provider). The Server provider runs 4x instances of the Game - as different services. So I have 4 services running on my server which represents the 4 Servers we run in the Public forum.



As a result of the install above - I have TCADMIN on the server - and there is now a Master Server in my TCADMIN Server list - which is my dedicated server.


How do I integrate TCADMIN into my existing setup without having to RE-Install all 4 instances.? Do I have still to create a New Game Server - on the same box (remember we are only running ONE machine)?


Sorry if its a dumb question - but I am sure I am missing something in the concept here! :|:


Thanks in advance - !!!!

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