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I was wondering what CPU usage you guys saw for the following games and on what hardware:


1. Counter-Strike 1.6

2. Counter-Strike Source


I run the following:

Core 2 Duo E6600 (this was just a starter server)

2GB DDR2 Memory

SATA Hard Drive (this is probably holding me back a lot)

Windows Server 2003 64 Bit. Enterprise



and typically see 15%-20% CPU usage for a Counter-Strike Source server and less for Counter-Strike 1.6.


Please let me know if you have any advice on the best hardware for these games, how much CPU usage you think I should be seeing, and how to bring it down.





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SATA Hard Drive (this is probably holding me back a lot)


The SATA drive is not holding you back in the slightest.


As I've said before, consider moving to the Quad Cores C2Q. You'll see a large increase in performance, and it will boost your bottom line considerably.

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I would also recommend optimizing the OS for game serving and getting rid of any un necessary services running. Simply installing and running your servers on a default OS install is not real efficient.


Well, I did optimize it by removing unnecessary services. Have any other tips for optimizing it?

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