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Dual Dual-core Xeon vs Single Quad-core Core2


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Hi folks,


Will like to hear your views on the following comparsions.


Dual Xeon 5130 vs Single Core2 Q6600


Assuming the following:

- 2GB Ram

- Windows 2003 x64 or Windows XP x64


Which will hold more slots and handle multiple instances better?

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Is the option 2xXeon 5130 = 4 cores in total vs Q6600 (aka quad core 2.4ghz 8mb cache)?


Or is it one Dual-Core Xeon? Personally I would say its about even... its about even tbh. One has higher FSB while the other has 300Mhz speed on it, One is one on chip while if its two xeons, it would be seperate. Personally I would go for the Q6600 (if your using the quad) as the lower price hardware is attached such as motherboard, non eec RAM etc



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