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mysql question

Todd Holley

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I have a friend with a phpbb3 forum. We are moving it to my web box. I got everything moved and then through the forum I created a sql backup. When I try to restore that backup via mysql administrator on my box it says that it can not restore. I have access to his databases through phpmyadmin as well but am not very familiar with it.


If you have any suggestions / instructions on moving the db it would be very helpful.


Thanks! :)

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Not sure if this is your issue, but it is a very common cause of import/export mishaps.


When you first go into phpmyadmin, there will be your main database on the left. First click this, and then goto export, you should see a 'select all' button on the top left that will alow you to select all entries in that db. This you want todo, and then save it as a file.


Now when you import, it should work.


The issue is when you export from the main part, it also saves the 'create database phpbb3' or whatever happens to be the db name. So its trying to create the same db, in the db you already have. And outputs the error.


I doubt the 11MB size of the DB would go over the timeout, so you should be able to import it all at once.


Hope that helps

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Most of the time its not mysql that is the problem. If you access database directly it'd be fine with 11mb. Its the php that is the problem.

For your current one, just devide the table into pieces. probably two should suffice.

"INSERT INTO" is the key phrase it is a new row of data, you can break it any as long as you have everything upto that.

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