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SourceTV Question.


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TcAdmin starts and stops services, it doesn't configure them for you.

Grab a source tv config and a config for the game your connecting too.

Setup the game and get its IP and port

Setup a source tv service.

Edit the cfg to point to the IP and port of the game

Away you go.


If you don't know how to configure source tv then go read up there are tons and tons of tutorials. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_TV

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What your talking about are SourceTV Relays and or SourceTV Proxy servers. If you were to place a 200 Slot SourceTV on the gameserver machine, um yeah you'd probobally hear some complaints quickly down the road..The reasons are fairly right in your face apparent why. Using the proxy servers allows you to place a 1 man SourceTV On the gameserver, and use proxy servers to connect to and relay from that 1 man across an ever lasting number of proxy servers, essentially allowing you to spread your bandwidth across your network.




This article from Valve, demonstrates how to correctly configure the relays, its fairly simple to do.



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