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Help please.


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To locking fps in a game:

yes you can. You do that take that cvar out of your default configs, and depending on the game, you can even set it in the commandline.


For The Gmod:

as long as they have the server files for it yes. Most steam based games do offer them. You just install a HL2DM instance, and put the mod folder in the Source Mods folder, and run the directory from the commandline.



-game Insurgency


would tell the server to run the Insurgency mod, that was in the Source Mods folder. For Gmod, Im sure its different, but you will have to see if they offer the server files for it.

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Download the game configuration file from the

Game Configs==>Inport==>

Short Name (GMOD10)==>

Relative Executable (<drive letter>:\<Game Install Folder>\GMOD10\srcds.exe)==>

Relative Working Location (" ":\" "\GMOD10\)==>

Relative User Files (" ":\" "\GMOD10\garrysmod)==>

Games File Folder Name (The folder name exactly as it's listed in game installs)==>

Compatability for (Half Life 2)==>

HLDS Update Name (garrysmod).


That's about it, change the ports and such to the desired starting.

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