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09/12/2007 Steam Update - About damn time!


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1. Fixed custom level sound lists under sv_pure

2. Fixed occasional scrunched-up columns in the serverbrowser

3. Fixed various memory leaks

4. Fixed a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch bug where a spectator could freeze a live player when mp_forcerespawn was 0

5. Fixed master server queries being truncated if too many players with long names

6. Fixed a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch bug where if you +used a weapon it would not respawn anymore

7. Fixed a Counter-Strike: Source smoke grenade exploit

8. Added a way for server plugins to ask players if they'd like to connect to a different server

9. Made materials handle sv_pure correctly when they've included other materials

10. Fixed Windows dedicated server bug slowing down Steam updates

11. Fixed certain models showing up all white when sv_pure flushed them

12. Made the server print a client's steam ID and show sv_pure warnings if sv_pure_kick_clients is 0

13. Fixed a Linux-only crash when loading certain custom maps

14. Fixed a bug preventing sv_pure CRCs from verifying correctly on certain custom maps


Theres 3 things here I'd like to point out that are major for any of you that run public servers.


#5. This here was a major issue with our NoobGalore brand, we kept getting attacked by this one 'group' that would change their names with different variations of PI (lengths of the #). Our server would immediately stop showing up in the browser list.


#7. This was another exploit that we found in NG, which was possible with Flashbangs and or SmokeGrenades, with a partner you could jump, have your partner throw a flash/smoke, and then you jump off the flash, you would be boosted high above the map, then land sitting on a 'glass top' of the world, you could be seen by all players.


#8. The ability to redirect a server!, with the cl_restrict_server_commands setting first being default off, and then being set to perminately off any public hosted servers could not redirect users should there server move or change ip addresses. (This is major for communities)


I have spoken with both Bailopan(sourcemod, metamod, other various mods), C0ld (zombiemod), and mattie(eventscripts) and they are releasing updates real soon! Bailopan said the nightly build of sourcemod will have this update tonight, metamod will follow shortly, Mattie said a week or so, and c0ld is out of the country expects to be back in 2 weeks and he'll release an update that includes a server-redirect in Zombiemod for those that dont use any addional addons. (Beta2.0)


I'm not sure if Valve got drunk or something, but up until recently when a new guy took over SteamFriends (Michael 'Viper') Valve gave no two shits about anything I had ever said to them. This guy is standout, he responds to every email we send him and he gets things done, recognizing the impact of such communities on the game itself.


Just figured i'd point out these nice facts, should you encounter these issues or questions in your support tickets.


And besides that, it was a nice update anywho. GJ Steam, finally! An update that didn't completely destroy how everything ran!

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