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high loss 40+


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getting high loss and tickrate drops

running 15 servers ,dual quad xeons, 8gig ram.when I get 20ppl on it starts.and with 60ppl its unplayable iv checked all cfgs they look fine CPU 30% and my DC say my connection(10mbps) is fine.

what could be causing this??

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just upgraded the connection to 100mbit still getting loss packets when 60ppl connect

all my hardware check out fine.the d/c are still saying the end is fine.

it could it b a setting in my network settings?onlu happens when more than 40 ppl are online

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One thing we have noticed with our pub community, is that about 3 months ago valve released an update that reset everybodies rates to the following


rate = 10000

cl_cmdrate = 30

cl_updaterate = 20


This effectively KILLS the server. We run a 56 man and a 50 man SRCDS that are full 24/7, and we notice a LARGE LARGE LARGE increase in server performance when we convince the majority of players to fix their rates.


Valve dissallowed the ability to change the client's rates via serverside, so all you can really do is help explain to people to fix their own rates. I believe you'll see a major increase in performance.


I don't know if this is your exact issue, but it might be, check the rates of the majority of people when your server starts to fill.

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