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Does anyone use TCAdmin to monitor and control your TF2 servers? If so can you help me out. For some reason my TF2 server doesn't really work in TCAdmin, while it does but it will like crash every now and then and I don't know why. Plus if it does crash, it doesn't restart or auto start again. So I have to run it on the desktop by using the icon/shortcut to srcds.exe. Even with that method it seems to run fine but will crash the next day or so after being on all day. Also it still has the crash problem where if it does crash, it won't start back up or anything, I would need to do it manually.

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Yes, I run a bunch of TF2 servers through TcAdmin

But NO, this isn't TcAdmin related "Even with that method it seems to run fine but will crash the next day or so after being on all day."

The problem is in your TF2 files, configuration, and or your machine. Far more information then just "it crashes every couple days" will be needed to even begin to troubleshoot this.


What do the windows logs show?

What is happening when it crashes?

Does windows show it crashed?

What are our server’s specs?

What does the srcds crash file say?

How did you set the server up/where did you get the files?

What are your start line parameters?

What are your game config parameters?

Are you running any addons?


Troubleshoot the problem, then if you get stuck you can post the results of your troubleshooting and ask for help. There is no magic cure all for a crashing server.

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