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TCAdmin integration with our administration system


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I am currently testing TCAdmin and everything seems to be working fine. Got a few different game servers running and already tested successfully with TeamSpeak. I still need to do a lot of testing to make sure all the features are working. But the most important prerequisite before ordering the software is the integration with our own administration system.


We recently launched a new website for our company with a new order and financial administration system. We were planning to build our own control panel for managing game and voice servers but it would be great if TCAdmin could handle this that would save us a great deal of time.


I have read something about a billing module but so far I am unable to find any documentation for this module. I am an experienced PHP developer and that would be the preferred scripting language for integration our administration system with TCAdmin. I require the following functionality:


  • Creating new users
  • Installing new game servers and voice servers for a user
  • Suspending and reactivating a user (and all linked services)
  • Deleting a user and all of the services linked to that user

Is this possible with TCAdmin? If so, where do I find information to help me program this.


Kind regards,



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TCAdmin has a full Billing API that your system can send commands to. With some coding knowledge you can easily make your system work to auto create and suspend/unsuspend servers ect.


You can get the API documentation by creating a support ticket and requesting the info.

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