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unbeatable support and Control Panel


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When I came to TC Admin to check out the control panel from a friend I had already had one in place and established for some time but I was not really satisfied with its capability. When I called Kevin on the phone to discuss the control panel and what it did compared to what it didn't do I was somewhat excited but really reluctant to change since I would have to move all of the clients over to it and get them use to another control panel. So the price was right the support was great so far and it was way better than the old panel I had so I made the switch.




Kevin from TC Admin did virtually everything for me and got me setup and walked me through everything. I could believe the support I was getting and truly the fast response in getting everything setup virtually overnight.The customers were sent out an email and a basic walk through was discussed. I got nothing but positive feedback from them saying how easy it was to control compared to the old panel that I had. When Kevin and there team added the game switcher it made selling server so much easier since I could offer virtually 2 games for the price of one since they would one run one game at a time. I mean whets the difference of a different game running one day for a client and another day for the same client. I was very happy with the outcome of the support and the features they continue to add




I have had the panel for over 2 months now and I can truly say this was one of the most positive change I have ever made with Servers Elite. AS Game hosting companies we try to find out better ways to host games and make it easier for the installs and more profit which as you well know there isn't much unless you are moving them in volume or charging 6 dollars and slot.I will say this much. I don't sell game server full time, I still have another job to pay the bills for now but I can truly say that I can check my email on my PDA and if I have an order I can literally install the game from my PDA and have the client up and running within about 10 minutes from my PDA and if I'm at home less than 5 minutes with the way the control panel runs everything.




Thank you so much Kevin for all of your help and support and for turning out more of a friend than a business venture.I can vouch for everything I have stated because I have done it all. If you don't think you can do an install from a PDA then try it. I would even set a demo account up just to prove it to you that's how truly helpful TC Admin and there team has brought my company Servers Elite to another competitive level




Thank guys, You Rock




Brian Jones


Servers Elite

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