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Does anyone have any past experience with VMware and its products? How easy to use, time and effort saved etc etc?


Im currently downloading ESX for the servers and Virtual Center to try out on a 5 server test rig we have here in the office.


Will be nice to get a working on the test rig to see how good a product it is!

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Hi Rob,


You may be interested in knowing (well so im told) that to host VMWare for customers youll require there version of an SPLA.


On a lighter note, we've played around with VMWare Server for a few private things and its great until some heavy load appears on it. I am told VMware ESX doesn't have this issue but I refuse to pay for ESX plus the £3k license for the management console. Will be trying Xen in a heavy usage environment shortly to see how it withholds.





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Thanks for the useful infomation.


Ive been recomended by a private company that runs it on there internal datacenter in there office block. I wasnt aware of any heavy load issues, altho will be setting up a complete setup including the Virtual center and 5 dedis setup with vmware server to test ease of use, management etc.


Ill look into the Licencing options available for this as ive only really browsed the prices page, altho i have noticed that VMWare Server is available pre embeded on new dell orders for £450 from factory. So will have to take a closer look.


Please keep us updated on any results you get from Xen would be interested to compare the market if you like. I will post any findings here also.

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