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Too Many Support System E-mails.


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I turned on e-mail notification when a server does not respond, checked my e-mail the next day and there were 800 e-mails about one server. :oh noes


I was receiving an e-mail every 10 minutes about the same server. How can I trim this down to once every 12 hours or something a little less spammy?

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You can't directly, when that is on it will notify you when the server doesn't respond end of story. And you don't want it only checking the server every 12hrs, thats not very effective, you'd probably be checking in person more often then that. But there are a couple things that can be done.

One email every 10 minuets sounds like you have a problem with one of your game servers, or the tcadmin configuration to support that game server and you should look at fixing it. Right now the server is probably being restarted every 10 minuets.

Second I turned off motification of every server crash, and only enabled the notification of repeated server crashes "When the Game Server Doesn't Respond x Times in a Row" as this is what is more important to both me and my customers. As we both know there will be the occasional hang, we simply want to know when its a continuos problem so we can look into getting it fixed.

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