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IIS + HLDS problem


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1. I created a new folder in IIS for my sv_downloadurl HLDS option ... I point it to c:\UserFiles ... but we have a big problem with this.


In apache I used to create an .htaccess file to limit access to defined extensions (bsp, wad, res)


In IIS ? How can this be done ? I searched alot ... no hint :(




2. My HLDS servers aren't running with more than 65-66 fps with sys_ticrate 1000. I found some small fix I think ... openned Windows Media player and fps bumps to 250-260 - but it's not an permanent solution ...




3. I have no servers but TCADMIN says:

Warning: The selected IP and port are in use by a process or service.

The game server port 27015 is not available on ***.***.***.***.




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1. Jish is correct on the IIS, and on the third party app.

2. You need windows media player, web page with flash, or one of the timer boosers like source boost. I like the last as I set it for a service when I first setup the machine and then never give it a thought again. Plus I've always thought resources might be a tich less with an app soley designed to increase the windows timer, vs. something that that is a side effect of the app.

3. all I can say is reverify that nothing is running, also in tcadmin having a game setup on a port will lock it out even if the game is not on. If there are no games setup in tcadmon to use that IP and port, and you have reverified that nothing is running on that port I'd suggest a trouble support ticket to have Kevin or Luis look at your tcadmin install.

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