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i get and error when installing


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i get this error when i go to the localhost/xxxx/install.php whats the problem with it anyone know




An error has occurred with the given operation


Type: User Error (256)

Description: QUERY: SELECT lastupdated, content FROM cache WHERE cachekey='language-English-general' AND lastupdated >= '2008-07-11 16:38:52' - ERROR: Table 'clientexec.cache' doesn't exist

Request: GET /billing/install.php

Script: NE_Mysql.php

Line Number: 154



user.php (739) : ne_mysql::query

NE_User.php (128) : user::loadlanguage

NE_Template.php(104) : regexp code (1) : ne_user::langmodule

NE_Template.php (104) : preg_replace

class.rFastTemplate.php (461) : ne_template::_loadfile

class.rFastTemplate.php (711) : rFastTemplate::load

class.rFastTemplate.php (800) : rFastTemplate::parse_internal

class.rFastTemplate.php (738) : rFastTemplate::subst

StartInstallation.php (39) : rFastTemplate::parse

NE_Controller.php (167) : startinstallation::dispatch

front.php (76) : ne_controller::processview

install.php (11) : require

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