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When I try to create a “Create a Game and Voice Server”, I’ve got a error (There are no game files installed on this server.).


I want to know how can I install a games on TCAdmin (to appear on Create a Game and Voice Server) , I’ve create a manual server, and is work fine :S

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If you go to your C drive there should be a folder called GameInstalls, you will need to create a folder in there with your game name for instance Call of Duty, would be called COD and inside that folder you will need to put your game files.

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OM*G i'm so NOOB, didn't set the correct folder on the MasterServer:|:


but now when i create a game server and a voice server, I got no error, have the correct files on (D:\UserFiles). but a fee minutes later, the servers automatically disappear, and don´t have any files, no user or server:~

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When tcadmin was installed it did not create the GameInstalls folder so i created it on C:\GameInstalls\COD. I then transfered all the contents of the Call of Duty Game of The Year Edition to C:\GameInstalls\COD. Once done I went to tcadmin and into the create a gameserver and voice server and get the error no server game files are installed on this server.. When selecting the server it only gives me one choice which is the Master Server.


So I went over to the system settings to make the changes and this are the changes that were made here.


p><p> <img src=[/img]


<a href=10132008175423jq2.th.jpg' alt='101320081




Then I go back to the create server and still nothing.. I have tried to go and make a config but I cant figure out how.. could that be the reason why its not reading it??


Another thing that i want to point out is that we are using a dedicated server to run our servers currently and they all use the same IP and just use different ports.. would that be a problem?? Or is there a way to allocate other IPs to each server the tcadmin.. we have 6 but currently only use one.


Since that is the machine we installed the tcadmin.. is that considered the master server?? I assume yes.. but why wont it recognize the files and that the game is there. We run them fine with out the tcadmin but we now want to have a panel instead of going into the server every time. Hope you guys can help.


Thanks in advanced.

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