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Looking to keep my hands occupied


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Hello guys,


Well as the topic say's im looking to keep my hands busy on the net in my spare time, I my self had a Game Server hosting site that was ran and managed by my self, I have much much experience with Tc-admin, Modernbill, C-panel, and Kayako Support Suite. (Im a fast learner) I'm actually still using it at this time here, http://pownedinc.com/support/ I Also managed Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers. I know VBulletin as well.

I Can do about any file transferring, Installing and troubleshooting, I know windows server 2008 standard, Have php knowledge, Have created and designed my own websites, Game server installations & files, Game server configuration files for Sven co-op and much more, IIS & Linux intermediate knowledge, Setting up name servers, etc.


I really miss the server hosting but i had to get out of it due to some family issues my mother passed an i had to take in my little brother. So yea i have alot on my plate.

Any ways i just thought i would post a thread in the event some one needs some help with a site or server hosting, Please let me know if you need some help with any thing im very professional, Honest and reliable to do the job. By the way im not looking for any pay for any of it just some thing to do on spare time.


You can contact me at the following,



Xfire: fuzzycobra



Thanks Rodney.F

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Cobra I am looking for someone with TCAdmin experience. I need a tech that will do nothing but keep my game installs, Mods, and Maps up to date as well as keep TCAdmin working properly.


Right now my problem is keeping up with new game version and getting the newest mods downloaded.

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Ok, Well get with me on a e-mail or however you would like an lets talk let me see what you got, An ill be glad to help you im available on the week days from 6:00 pm to 10-11 pm Eastern time. An the weekends pretty much all day. An keeping up with the mods an install no biggie. Well hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for the offer SickPuppy.



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