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Left 4 dead command line issues


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I am having a weird issue. When i run a l4dead server through tcadmin or just using a batch file , I see weird ping spikes. But If I run the server through the gui, the server is fine. I do not believe it is a server.cfg issues since the gui instance uses the server.cfg, but I could be wrong. Has anyone had any issues like this?



I believe I know what the issue is. In console mode the fps never moves above 10 fps, however in gui mode the fps gets as high as 24. This might be the cause but I am not sure how to set the fps since +fps_max does not work

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It appears the latest steam update fixed this issue however I am having another issue now, it will not show up in the custom tab. I have this set in the server.cfg


sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

sv_tags "Server Browser Join Enabled"



I do not see the server in the server list or the custom tab.



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