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problems with CoD 5 cmd line


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ok here is a strange thing........ since 1 week i got 2 cod 5 servers running without a problem


after a computer update last night my cod5 servers failed running i mean according to TCadmin they where running but the did not show up in cod 5 or Xfire ...............after searching forums and ask a few people nothing helped


i went looking for the problem and all of a sudden i found a strange line in fron of the CMD line


it came up with this:


+set fs_savepath E:\UserFiles\badacid\GameServers\TC46073237882031454500613\ +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28962 +set sv_maxclients 24 +set sv_punkbuster "1" +exec server.cfg +map_rotate


now according to cmd line changer i cant get that line out +set fs_savepath ..... i went to the program TCadmin and looked for service folder there i alterd the cmd line and removed +set fs_savepath


after i done that the server started just fine without any problems


now my question is why does it work without that line and where is it good for did i do something wrong cause when i install a new game with TCadmin i got the same problem it will not work untill i remove that line out of the way (+set fs_savepath)


rest of the installed games is running fine like TF2 and L4D AND COD4




hope some admin can help me out here

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offcourse there aint no space in between its just their because its copied and paste



but what i dont get is that it was running before and now it aint running anymore unless i remove that part of the line in front of it


what i am wondering is why is the line there (+set fs_savepath) whats it good for does it need to be there

and why iff i install a complete new cod5 game is it not working

this has got something to do with TCadmin but i want to know what



iff i copy the game to a directory and start from there with a selffmade cmdline it runs great, but thats not why i use TCadmin offcourse i need TCadmin so that people can restart the server iff needed

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If there isnt a space then the command line looks fine. It shouldnt have a problem launching. The only thing im guessing is maybe the fact you are using a different harddrive than what TCAdmin is installed on.


Im thinking that is a known problem, but im not sure. /put in a support ticket.

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well the problem is only since a few days and before that it has run for 2 weeks without a problem.


even when i try and make a new server it installes the game without a problem but it just wont run unless when the line is removed (+set fs_savepath) then it has no problem starting up the game with TCadmin

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after an automatic windows update on my windows server 2008 box, im experiencing the same issue, ive had about 7 servers running fine untill the server restarted itself today to install the update. strange that this has occured after the update as it did to goldrush. Running the cod5 servers from a shortcut on desktop with a custom commandline works fine, just launching from within tcadmin thats not working....

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ok i found a fix, but not sure why i have to make the changes.

In remote desktop goto administrator-->services.

right click on the effected service and choose properties.

go to "Log on" tab.

change from " Log on as Local System Account" to your remote desktop account. Enter the Username and Password and click apply, then restart the service.

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