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dods Issue

Guest louise

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I Dont usually post for help like to sort stuff out myself .. good way to learn


Day of defeat source

Works just great stock files


adding mani admin is another thing.

It should just be a simple drag n drop into the dod folder and exec in the server.cfg


although i get in console unknown commands all over the place and mani dont work at all

Im useing the latest mani admin, and ive looked all over at mani with no solution


anyone else got a tip ?

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Do you have the proper folder structure for your mani files so they go into the correct places in the dod folder?

Have you created your vdf file?

What kinds of errors?

Have you configured mani amdin? it has its own config files that need to be configured for it to run the desired way.


You really haven' given us much to work with to help you...

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yes all file are correct ive installed mani quite a few times now added the exec line in the server.cfg


vdf file is in the orangebox\dod\addons

and it reads




"file" "../dod/addons/mani_admin_plugin"



and here is the console output



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