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What Server specs should i get ????


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ok iam looking into buying my own server iam wondering what specs i should go for


Server 1


1X Intel Xeon X3220 2.40Ghz Quad Core Processor, 1066FSB, LGA775 8mb cache


4GIG or 8gig DDR2 pc5300 ram =333mhz or pc 8500 1066 =400mhz




Server 2


X2 Intel Xeon 5410 2.33GHz 12Mb Cache FSB1333 Quad-Core Processor


4GIG or 8GIG DDR2 pc5300 ram =333mhz or pc 8500 1066 =400mhz



So iam stuck with what cpu and ram mostly cpu is 1x Quad enough or should i go a dual quad?


Also what server would i get more slots on percore? is there really any benifit with running dual quad cores?


What would all you guys choose?



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If you are just starting out, go for the solo quad. You can opt for a Dual Quad when you've got a bit more capital. When you're starting out you are unlikely to fill all the capacity of a Dual Quad overnight!

Or even in the first month ;)

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Depends on what you want hosted on there, IIS? Master Server? Email Server? - This decreases performance quite alot



I would be running it as a master server yes and i wont be using the support feature in it as i use whmcs support feature


So how many you think i could fit on there ?

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