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New website.


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These are only suggestions

  • I Would most certainly code your image slices as they will load faster :)
  • Way too much going on in the footer
  • 24/7 Technical Support so if i order today and put in a ticket at 5am you will answer it ?
  • Unless there is a minimum of 3 staff working there you will be up 24/7 hours of the day / week / year
  • Powered by WHMCompleteSolution pay to get that removed
  • Make Your Powerful Hosting Statement more prominent
  • Not seeing anywhere where your located unless i whois you
  • Your aboutus page is your index page
  • http://www.hostleet.com/index-1.html ( is your services page)
  • Make it something like web_hosting/web_servers.html (Good for SEO)
  • Your services list are links and they go nowhere


But all in all a good start and can build on what you got :)


If you want some feedback from some major webhosting companies pop over to webhostchat.co.uk

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I agree with all the comments, the drugs part would drive me away and probably 99% of your customers.. you may not take drugs but the impression that your customers will get is "Should I host with somebody who takes drugs".


Just take those points into consideration :)

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