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TCAdmin CSS Command Line


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I need some help here, can anyone tell me who is wrong? who is right? what is the right answer? This company I have my game server with doesn't seem to understand what I am talking about. Here is the chat log so far.

Hi could you guys edit one of my command lines that I have made. Its called Jail_75tic, I would like you to change the tickrate in the command line setup to 75 tick instead of 100 tick. Leave the other at 100 tick, only that one change to 75 tick.

i don't think i can honestly. i would have to enable the option for everyone and that is an internal setting.

i will look at it for you tho.

I am asking you guys to edit my command line I made not give me access to do it myself.

Yes, we understand what your saying, but the way the system is setup it cant do that. Reason is - so clients cant change their command line. This way a client cant add 1000 fps to the server when they are only paying for 128 fps etc. For us to be able to this for your one server we would have to allow user edits for tick rate... not something we can do sorry.


If you like us to change this to a 66 tick server always - that is more then possible. My guess is not.

I don't think you understand, you still talking about giving me access to change it myself. You guys are the ones that post to change it for me. How did you add the -tickrate 100 then? Its the same way but instead -tickrate 75. Why can't you do 75 but can do 66?

We will look into it - maybe I am wrong. Update you asap.

Ill try to explain this.


When we install a server, the tickrate used is determined by what you the customer purcahase. For you it is 100.

To make it possible for you to change tickrate, we would have to allow it for everyone, and we cannot do that.


Now, each game server has its own tickrate for new installs, 33, 66, 100, etc etc. It is coded into the install system. It is what you choose when you buy a server. You chose tickrate 100 when you rented the server, so the the default commandline is set at 100.


To change it, we would have to change the server install program to tickrate 75 and then re-install your server.

If you wanted it back to 100, we would have to change the install program again, and re-install your server again.

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Yes they can change it,

If a customer of ours rents a server at lets say for example

66 tick x 12 slots


and they ask us they would like to upgrade


Its a very simple task of changing the system settings on that particular gameserver

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It is easy to change the tick rate we have ours setup so the customer can select the tick rate they want 66, 75, 100. This can be done by creating custom command line.



Just rent a server from us and set the tick rate to what you want.


Note all tick rates are just $1.00 a slot

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hey slick how did you get a config like that that allows you to edit the cmd line that that in that screenshot?


that looks cool


Go to Supported Games then open the CSS config. At the bottom of the page you will see Command Line Parameters. Open that and click new then just set the functions you want. If you don't want the customer to have the ability to set the values then just don't check the User Access. That way only an admin can change it. If you look at the screen shot the bottom 2 parameters can only be set by an Admin all others are user selectable.


You can do this for any command line

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