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Connection Info persistant


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In Admin Home > System Settings > Servers you have the option to add a server, I added my remote server to there and made the Display Name 'Sydney, Australia'. Since then all of my created CODWAW servers from that server ALWAYS appear to show the Server name as the 'SydneyAustralia:28960' , so I thought that was the setting for the connection info when servers are created, fair enough, I changed it to the primary IP of the server and it's still being persistant and any new game servers created are showing 'SydneyAustralia:28960' as the Connection Info.


I'd like some answers and a possible cause, I am a customer, spent over 500AUD on both a Master and Remote license.




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I sorted this problem by going to Admin Home >> System Settings >> Servers >> I then selected Configure IP's in the drop down menu of the server and re-entered the IP Address.


If you solve a problem by yourself and have already submitted a topic, please say how you solved it as it will help other users.

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