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How many Servers


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Just wondering how many server would the following server hold i dont want to over load it.


I would be renting it.


2x Xeon QuadCore 5410 @ 2.3

4x 2Gb DDR II 800 (8Gb total)


Most servers would be CSS and most at 66 tickrate


also this would be a remote server




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You'll probably be able to host more servers on that machine at 66 tick then you will ever be willing to admit. Not that you would want to of course.



Can someone put a number on it please iam now curious





150 slots to 200 slots ?



Iam in Australia and the price of bandwith is crazy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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If you up the RAM to 8 gigs you will be able to run 40 installs of CSS or CS 1.6 at 66 tic. The issue is not going to be CPU or RAM it will be Bandwidth you will need a 10 Mbps metered account burstable to 100 Mbps.


If you don't think it can be done get on my ventrilo and I will set you up a remote log in so you can see it for yourself.


If you plan on renting a box like that plan on paying $350 to $450 a month.

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I would be in sydney AU data centre connected to 100mbps


so it could handle 200slots ?


if i can get 150 slots to 200 slots that would be great Bandwith isant an issue for me


As here in australia peak times are weekends and early evening


iam gussing id use bout 8gig Bandwith maybe alittle more


and my box payment you were not to far off ill be paying 500 so if i get 200 slots that would bring ib 800$ 300 a month profit



and yes the server would have 8GIG Ram

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