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Americas Army Game configuration


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Okay I've got americas army setup and running on my server. But when you create a server I noticed it uses armyops.ini. I want it to use server.ini. I also notice that it deletes some of the stuff out of the ini files. For example [dbauto.dbauth]


I have attached the orginal armyops.ini and after server created ini file


How do I keep it from deleting the other infomation and also how do I change the default map? I've look at the americasarmy.com forums and edited the runserver.bat but it still starts on tunnel.aao


Please help.




**Please note that I added the txt extension so I could upload the files**



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tcadmin starts the server, it doesn't use the runserver.bat


go to System Settings > supported games > click on AA.

scroll all the way to the bottom and click on default config file.


Find the ArmyOps.ini ans click on edit. you should be able to figure it out from there.


If you want to change it to the Server.ini then delete the ArmyOps.ini entry and click on new.

enter the location to the server.ini should be /System/server.ini

then click on template file and copy paste the ini file you want to be the default on install. Make sure your configurable options like RCON paasword and Private password, and server IP has the variable name in the spot is goes so would look like:






etc... you should get the idea. Then go back to you folder where the files are stored for download should be C:\GameInstalls\AA or AA2840 or whatever it is. If it is a ZIP file you need to decompress it. DELETE the server.ini file from that. Otherwise you may get an ini file that has all duplicate entries.

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should be the same like the server.ini..... normal it will get auto created when u start a server without a server.ini or armyops.ini in there


Tanks for your help but i have 3 servers instaled and when i try to go to "Default Config Files" and then Config Editor "Edit" do not show anything, and before i have deleted appeared.


Sorry for mi English i am Portuguese


Ps. i dont have creat Config Editor when i have made the change.

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