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Can get remote server working


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I've installed the remote on a differnet server but when I bring up the monitor console I get the error

"could not create database manager."
and I also get this error
"SKKOBJECTBAS.FIND: Could not create database manager.


Could not create a test plugin on the mast server. Try restarting the master server.


This is what I did. I installed the remote monitor on the other server and ran the configution. I logged into tcadmin and created the other server added the monitor ip that is on the remote monitor saved it then download the config file. I used that file in the configuration and went through the prompts. I don't know what I'm missing.


Here are the ports that are blocked through my firewalls.


Following ports are blocked on the hardware firewall:

TCP: 6660-6669, 135-139, 445, 4126-4128, 4512, 2967, 6881-6899, 6901-6999, 1080

UDP: 2967, 1025-1031


Any body have a solution.



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This is an issue I am trying to figure out. The Server that I am trying to put the remote server on is behind a router with a local ip of That is what I configure the remote server with. But I think the master server will search for that ip and I won't exist on the network. So I tried using my external ip but when I configure my remote with that I get another error. Would that be my problem in between the connection it must be the actual ip on both sides?

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I would think so. Because even with game servers you will have to bind it to your WAN address for people to be able to join and communicate with it.


Maybe one of the devs could tell you if TCAdmin can be configured for communicating on a local level but still accessible via the net.

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