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TCAdmin and IRC


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We are currently trialing TCAdmin on one of our servers (and liking what we see so far). However, we also run a little IRC bot which allows our customers to start/stop their server from within an IRC channel, as well as alert the player of updates/problems etc.


However, we were using serverdoc to do this up until now, and this isn't a viable option really with TCAdmin. Is there any way to interface with TCAdmin from php, to start and stop servers? And also, a way to add a new field to store the customers IRC channel from within the admin panel would be good too (though can handle it seperately if need be).

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We run several mIRC apps through TCAdmin. Add a new supported game to TCAdmin and then you can run this as a service. I realize that is not excatly what you are asking for but if you are already running the game servers through TCAdmin then the user can start/stop through TCAdmin.

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