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Not Found - Output Error.


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This is what the console says:



Starting Game Server Monitor...

31/01/2009 00:58:19 : Not found


Game Server Monitor has been started


Starting the Support Service...

Support System has been started.




Specifically 'Not Found' and I can't set up game servers.

Does anyone know what this error is from?

I have tried a lot to fix it.

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And this on another server:


Adding Master Server and Web Server IPs to IP Filtering Rules..

31/01/2009 19:11:36 : TCAdminSDK.Remote.InstanceCreator.GetPluginFromServer: Ser

verID: MasterServer Object Type: TCAdminMonitor.StandardPlugins.Database.Instanc

eCreator Error: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

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