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Currently I am attempting to run a COD:WAW server. I have paid for the files via steam, and direct2drive, and TCA starts the server, but it doesn't respond. I'm not sure what's going on, need help.




Says he bought both versions.

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well give us a copy of your install so we can look at how you have it setup, and then we can work through your problems....


You need to have the Direct X drivers installed for it to work.


If you log in remotely to your server, does it start it you just run the server from remote log in?


Lets start with that

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I have the same problem. The server is "starting" but does not respond. It also creates logs and I can't fix it :s


Post your log...


We can't help you guys if you don't post information that we can use to help you. Saying "it won't work, what is wrong" doesn't tell us anything.

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