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Help files?


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Sorry, but i must be blind.


I am completely new to this, and although TCAdmin looks simple (and it is) i cant seem to fire up any games.


I can see on the server that the games are being downloaded and ready to use, but they just wont start up.


Any ideas?


Is there a help file somewhere which i can read coz i cant find anything.

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yes. If you have the logs set to save in your game configuration, you can click on "server logs" icon, and most of them have one that is called server.log (or whatever file extension you have selected) click on the "stream file"


That will tell you if your command is even going through, what the server is doing, is it crashing, is it continually restarting, etc...


You also can create a BAT file in your Remote login to that box, with the same command line as your game config, run it and see what happens.

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